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Monday, 17 August 2009

How to Set up "Mobily" Internet Package Through 1100

Hey, do you want to use internet on a Monthly Package rather than Paying 2SR per megabyte, YES here are the details why you should be interested:

Mobily KSA is the BEST service for mobile internet.

Here are some of the Mobily Internet Packages:

"Pay As You Go" : 2 Riyals per MB (megabyte)

Monthly Packages
(Pay per month):

"10SR Bundle": 30MB usage limit for 10 Riyals only!
"25SR Bundle": 100MB usage limit for 25 Riyals only!
"100SR Bundle": 1GB usage limit for 100 Riyals only!
"150SR Bundle": 5GB usage limit for 150 Riyals only!
"350SR Bundle": UNLIMITED usage for 350 Riyals only!

How to Activate?:

Before calling, You must have enough balance in your SIM to activate the package you want and the following Information about your SIM card

This information is called Security Checks and will be asked from you later.

1. SIM Expiry date (*1411#)
2. Neqaty Points (*1100#, then 3, then 1, then 1)
3. Last Recharge Date (The Date and Time on which you recharged your SIM) and recharge Amount
5. Current Balance in SIM card (*1411#)
6. The Phone Number of the SIM.

STEP 1 : Call 1100 from your mobily SIM card
STEP 2 : Press 1 for arabic or 2 for english (if asked)
STEP 3 : Press 3 for Customer care menu
STEP 4 : Press 9 to talk to Customer Care representative.

After some time an Agent will respond to you.

Agent: Salamualaykum, How may I help you.

You Say: Walaykum salam, I want to Activate a 30 MB internet Package on my SIM.
*(replace 30 with any type of package you want)

Agent: May I Know your name?

You say: Im "yourname".

Agent: please tell me your Iqama No.

You say: This is my friend's SIM i dont know the Iqama number.

*Now the agent will ask you for some security Checks. Provide the Answers for the Security Checks that you noted above (sim expiry date recharge date balance etc.). The Agent will Ask only 2 or 3 Questions. (He asks only to Verify that The SIM you are calling from is the real one.)

Agent: Your package will be activated You will receive a conformation sms.....

*The Agent will tell you the instructions and other details of your Internet Package you've just activated.

You Say: Thankyou sir/madam

*After you hang up, the set-up fee of the requested package will be deducted from your SIM and you will get an SMS confirming your Activation of the requested Package.
Now you can start using your Free internet for the Whole month.
to Check your Usage call *1422#

PS. if you call the Agent more than two times You will be banned. So make sure you are ready to talk to them.

For more information Ask in comments....


  1. waaaooo nice .. bahut acchay tariqay say samjhaya hay tum nay .. amazing .. keep it up

  2. Hi....I m using Mobily Internet by 3.5G modem using mobily internet sim. I have subscribed 1 GB for the first time. I want to know the balance remaining of my package. How to know the balance using internet. Coz it is lengthy to know the balance by inserting sim in to normal mobile and then to check it by *1422#

    Thanks in advance for the information..

  3. mobily guys haven't implemented this feature yet :P, zain guys have built-in feature to check data balance in their modem software. I guess we'd stick to traditional methods. I had to speak harshly with them (the customer care guys), they just kept telling me to dial *1422#... pity on them.

  4. those idiots asking always for the iqama number... why these fucking agents dont give the subcription straight from the message. i ussualy subcribes by calling 1100 and simply follow the instructions. But unfortunately by making almost 10 times of trying... i dont get a luck... what this fucking 1100 doing press this press that etc etc.. after u complete the procedure they dong give a fucking reply... its all useless... you need to talk to a fucking lazy agent... dont know what accent they use in talking to customer... fuck you all mobily staff.....

  5. It is really disgusting with the mobily internet services.They ask us to call at 1100 and get fucked up for hours. To hell with mobily customer care services.

  6. lazy employeesssss

  7. yes man. this mobily customer care is bull shitt. Really!!!

    I fed up.

    you know for Aljawal there is good option and go to jawalnet after subscribe what ever you want.

  8. i've subscribed to the 30mb/month, they already took 10 sr from my balance, then i tried using it but it won't work. i mean, whenever i use the internet, my load decreases. then i dialed *1422# it said there that i used 0 kb. how am i suppose to use the bundle? how can i get it activated?

  9. hey guys i am using mobily connect, is there any software that can activate the sim card? because everymonth i change may internet sim. message pop out connection terminated even i put some load. thanks

  10. i have the problem with this guy, a message pops out and says "connection terminated" even i put some load. how can i reactivate the mobily sim?

  11. please dear all friends ,, please i need a help , I have Mobily internet Sim , but i am trying to call 1100 , it gives me message connection error , i tried 20 0r 30 times but still same message , and also i tried *1100# same message ,and then *1422# same message " Connection error ".

    please need a help

    1. Yup same with says error. I bought my sim last month.i dont even know what is my number :-(

  12. Asalam o alekum sir, Then I have a credit in my I reactive my sim then finish my sim mb.plz tell its a big problem

  13. Sir, I was used 10 GB data SIM, package for 6 months. Last week, sim was expired and used 5 GB only. Possible to use the remaining 5 GB, if renew the SIM card ? or I can't renew the SIM card ?

    1. may I know, do we need to activate the package before we can used it?....I'm asking because I also used the same package with you but until now I cant used it coz error in the network everytime.

  14. Can you please tell me how to convert 5gb package to unlimited package in mobily data sim card via sms

  15. Yesterday purchased Mobily Data SIM from Olaya Aqaria,
    10 GB for 6months for SAR 120/-, checked the speed. it was 6.5MB download and 2 MB upload. awesome. It is waste to go to mobily showroom, use the backdoor. lols

  16. I paid the amount of SR 90 via Sadad for the mobily package that they presented and I chose the "change package" in the option for the internet.After a day, the acknowledged the 90 riyal they received but until now my internet is zero bytes. How can I activate to have the internet? Please help me..

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  18. how mobily net sem setting by text msg


  20. how can I unsubscribe to my mobily monthly facebook package?

  21. Hlw mobily data SIM mb not allowed

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